Our Company


Jack Herr Design Associates, Inc. is a residential design company that specializes in custom luxury residences and builder speculative designs in and around Middle Tennessee. With degrees both in architecture and interior design, principal and founder, Jack Herr, brings to the process over 30 years of experience in combining aesthetically striking designs with today’s livable floor plans. Jack goes above and beyond the ordinary and delivers the extraordinary, always holding his clients’ desires, needs, and satisfaction as his top priority in the design process. His extensive knowledge of design and meticulous attention to detail has resulted in high recognition throughout Middle Tennessee, with many of his luxury homes seen throughout the Mid State’s finest and most elite communities. He has also been honored to receive many awards and accolades over the years for his distinct and exquisite designs.

At Jack Herr Designs, we understand that building a home is a substantial investment, and Jack has an exceptional ability to transform dreams into timeless and transcending designs. Jack’s mission is to serve the client, not himself or his own ambitions. He truly cares for his clients and believes that each client should receive the service that they deserve and designs that are a true representation of a dream home that they can treasure for years.



Building the perfect dwelling for your family and friends to come together and create memories that will last a lifetime is an extremely valuable investment. Thus, Jack Herr Designs is dedicated to designing extraordinary homes tailored to the unique personalities, passions, and styles of those who will reside within them. The company is devoted to the complete satisfaction of its clients, ensuring that each custom residence is diligently planned and designed to best capture the distinct visions and specific needs of those who will call it home. Whether it’s a classical or traditional style, a more contemporary-modern feel, an innovative sustainable design, or an eclectic mix, Jack has the unique ability to instill elegance and timelessness into each of his designs.



Jack Herr Designs firmly believes in building and maintaining strong relationships with its clients and other members of the built community. We believe a home should reflect the characteristics and tastes of those who will call it their own; thus, Jack welcomes the client to play an integral role on the design team. Jack’s success largely stems from his ability to infuse consistency into the design process as he works alongside clients and builders to bring together comfort and style with sensible spatial design. Cultivating a team-based approach, Jack works closely with clients, builders, interior designers, site planners, and all members of the design team to ensure that the clients’ dream homes come to fruition in ways that exude tastefulness and elegance while harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Whether it’s in the creation of a marketable builder product, the custom client’s dream home, or the aesthetically pleasing community streetscape, our efforts are a true testament that attention to detail, dedication, and teamwork can result in a wonderful place to call home.