Curating Ideas

At the initial meeting Jack encourages the clients to come prepared with their ideas, visions, and dreams, welcome in the form of a “wish list” and/or photos and articles. He then discusses these desired features with the clients, offering his design expertise and working with them to narrow down their ideas, clarify their visions, and realize the framework of their dream home. He consults with his clients until both he and the client feel that they have arrived upon a vision and set of ideas that truly represent the dream home for which they are looking.

Breathing Life into the Dream

Once Jack believes he has a clear understanding of his clients’ tastes, needs, and design goals, he works to transform those ideas, desires, and needs into a functional, stylish, one-of-a-kind home. He carefully formulates a home plan that will breathe life into his clients’ dreams in a way that is tastefully designed to the site parameters and geometry as well as compliments the landscape that will surround it.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Throughout the process Jack works with the client and the selected builder, along with other members of the design team, to ensure that all options are explored within the design. His team-based approach helps ensure that each phase of the design process is as seamless as possible.

Passing the Torch and Continuing the Dreamwork

Once each detail has been carefully calculated, any applicable revisions implemented, and the drawing set compiled, Jack turns the plan over to the clients and their selected builder to continue the dream work. At Jack Herr Designs, we strongly believe in ensuring that no clients ever leave with a plan that does not feel like it is a true representation of their dream home. Please feel free to visit the contact page and contact us if you would like more details regarding our design process and plan offerings.